Five Signs You May Be Osmosified….

So today, while I watched my 3 year old grandson display some of the same questionable behavior my husband says that I have, I came to a conclusion.

Osmosis is a real thang.

Allow me to add facts to support this theory:

  • The same 3 year old (herefter only referred to as “He/His/Him”) plundered my makeup bag and administered said makeup perfectly to His face (complete with lip liner).
  • Kicked His covers off in the middle of the night because, and I quote, He “had a hot flash.”
  • Told me that I was making Him “nervous” when I was scolding Him over naughty behavior.
  • Has to wear a shower cap to keep His hair dry because it isn’t “wash hair night.”
  • Told me not to look at Him until He’d had his morning cup of choccy milk.

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

Published by AuthorLDNash

Wife/mom/writer/wordsmith/Space pirate/elven princess/ninja/dragoness/zombieslayer/battleangel/outlaw

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