Poppin’ In!

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been away, (I know, I’m a pain in the ass 😁), but the good news is that I’ve finally gone through edits!

Finally, FFS!

I’m waiting on final approval from my editor and then ⬇️ this baby is relaunching!

Sentinel: Demon Assassin has already relaunched and I’m happy to report, doing well!

What have YOU been up to?

Lockdown Blues


I’m sorry for my absence. The silence is due to the fact that my damn muse has wandered off again. I can’t write – anything. I haven’t even sent a newsletter this month.


Because I have nothing to report!

I have two professionally edited manuscripts to go through and make changes to/rewrite some parts. But can I focus?



A natural introverted hermit, the quarantine isn’t really bothering me. Now, the school’s being closed DOES. Maybe this is the reason I can’t focus? Possibly. However, I’m angry with myself for letting the brain fog take control.

I need inspiration.

Have any to spare?


Yeah, okay, who hasn’t had one, right? Hopefully, mine will be on the positive side.

For those who don’t know me, I write in multiple genres. My MAIN genre is Paranormal fantasy (featuring angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, fey/fay/fae, and any other mystical creature I can cram in a book). BUT, I’ve recently picked back up on my historical western romance series (The Lost Outlaws). Six Guns & Garter Belts even got a new cover. Look ⬇️⬇️

Isn’t it a beaut? Order your eBook or Paperback HERE!

I’m working on book 2, Corsets & Spurs, featuring a returning Della and Eli, but also introducing a new Bonney sister! Trust me, it’s a no-holes-barred adventure you won’t want to miss. So, this leads me to my epiphany. Since my team and I have a group for my fans uuuhmm-mmmm ⬇️⬇️


We’re going to design and launch a group for THE LOST OUTLAWS! Hopefully it will coincide with the release of Corsets & Spurs! This way, the historical western fans won’t have to wade through posts about vampires, werewolves, batpires, or skunkwolves (don’t ask).

And if you don’t already like my FB author page, you can find all my social media outlets here:

Linktree Master Link

And as always, happy reading!

Dammit, it’s Monday…

I spent my weekend redesigning an older book cover for both kindle and paperback, and editing that book one last time before relaunch.

🥰 Isn’t it gorgeous? 😍

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, then guess what? You get a digital copy for FREE!

Not signed up? Want to? Here’s the link:

L. D. Nash Newsletter

This series is WAY outside my usual genre. It’s a historical western romance *gasp!* and if you know me, then you know romance stories give me the hives.

BUT. This series has the main things I love, and that’s strong, sassy women! Did I mention it’s also about Billy the Kid’s lost bloodlines? 🤠🐎🐴👢💰 *pew, pew*

Until next time, keep reading!

Newsletter Coming!

Hi! It’s me again. Duh, right? Well, this post will be short and sweet. I’ve been playing with a newsletter for five months now and thought maybe if you’ve enjoyed my blog, you may also enjoy a monthly newsletter.

I give an update on everything I’m working on, a little spotlight on a new author, and most of the time – ramblings.


Ok, that’s all. Be back later.

You Know You’re Old When…

Just when do we know when we’re getting old? Er, older? There are signs, actually, there are MANY signs. One of them I experienced just this morning.

My morning began like any other: I rolled out of bed to wake hubby up for work, tried in vain to convince the kids to go back to bed, and when that didn’t work, I resigned myself to getting dressed. Cause, really, who wants to run around the house in their PJ’s all day? Um…ME!

But no, I did the adult thing and got dressed (in a t-shit and jogging pants, but it STILL COUNTS!) My incident didn’t occur until I decided to be a McSmarty Pants. Instead of putting my brassiere on first, I put my t-shirt on, then tried to wrestle into the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, (and trust me, this was like wrestling a drunk octopus for your car keys) and guess what?

I pulled a muscle in my back. I. Pulled. A. Muscle. In. My. Back. IN MY BACK!

I pulled a muscle. Getting dressed.


This is when you know you’re getting old.

Or, there was that time that I tipped over while putting my panties on, but hey, that could happen to anybody, right?

Five Signs You May Be Osmosified….

So today, while I watched my 3 year old grandson display some of the same questionable behavior my husband says that I have, I came to a conclusion.

Osmosis is a real thang.

Allow me to add facts to support this theory:

  • The same 3 year old (herefter only referred to as “He/His/Him”) plundered my makeup bag and administered said makeup perfectly to His face (complete with lip liner).
  • Kicked His covers off in the middle of the night because, and I quote, He “had a hot flash.”
  • Told me that I was making Him “nervous” when I was scolding Him over naughty behavior.
  • Has to wear a shower cap to keep His hair dry because it isn’t “wash hair night.”
  • Told me not to look at Him until He’d had his morning cup of choccy milk.

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

47 Works-in-progress, and a partridge in a pear tree….

Yes, you heard (read) right, I have 47 manuscripts going. This is both good and bad. When I get stuck on one, I can always open another and keep writing. But, sometimes the majority of them sit on the back burner. Don’t worry, I’ll have them finished before I die…I hope.

I have 2 projects going on Wattpad (which I hope to finish soon and get published in 2020), and I started a new one about a week ago. The first draft is nearly finished. Yes, in two weeks, I wrote a book.

I’ve taken a break from writing the last two days and have been cleaning/recuperating. I’ve scoured inside the house and the “Yard.” This is in caps because it refers to a specific place – a place where my husband (the mechanic) works on vehicles, atvs, and pretty much anything with a carburetor.

I think Winter is on strike here in the South. It’s January and 69° outside. I’m wearing shorts for crying out loud! Needless to say, we all survived the holidays, but I’m ready for some snow!

So, what’s up with you?

Happy reading!

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved till I set him free.” –Michangelo

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